Queensborough Community College Electrical Services Upgrade and Generator Replacement

Dynamic has built new Con Edison 480V substation and network protector building to power the west side of campus buildings. Installed new underground duct-banks and conduits / cable from the new substation to 11 buildings on campus. We have installed new HV Switches and submersible / pad mounted transformers. Scope also included dismantling and abating asbestos containing switchboards, and materials to install new distribution switchboard for all buildings on campus. Dynamic has coordinated all building outages in order to minimize the impact to the campus while energizing new equipment. We have outfitted 7 buildings with new emergency power systems; including the demolition and removal of existing diesel underground storage tanks. New emergency power systems include all fuel piping, pump-sets, day tanks and new diesel generators within sound enclosures. Scope also included new fire rated ATS rooms as well as updated fire alarm systems, communications and metering of all new equipment on the new Building Management System.