In Memory of Richard Cappellani

1955 - 2020

We honor our friend and colleague Richard Cappellani who always saw the best in people by continuing to grow a community of innovative and highly capable people creating opportunities and finding solutions to pressing problems in the built economy. His dedication and love of his work drove us to be our better selves. His commitment, work ethic, and ambition energized all he met. So often a conversation with Richie left a person feeling more confident and inspired. He always won our love respect.

“Rich Cappellani was a dear friend of mine. He was very humble ... always bragging about the capability of others on his team ... others who did this or did that ... never what he did, despite his own extraordinary talents. He was a giant soul who placed human interaction and decency above all else. He was innately kind and caring, and enormously affectionate ... always laughing and hugging his friends. Only the bravest, most loving humans have the capacity and courage to operate at the level he operated at. To be in his presence, or to even just hear his voice was always positive, calming and uplifting. Your spirit could not help but be lifted by his giant spirit. What a gift to be loved by this man. I will never forget him.”

– Steve Martino