Our Services

Dynamic US Inc. provides Professional Engineering, construction management, general contracting, design build and integrated project delivery solutions for projects of various sizes. With over 35 years of experience across a broad range of disciplines, we strive to build on our extensive knowledge base with highly disciplined processes and technologies. 


Dynamic US Inc.’ staff establish plans for all phases of project development including logistics, design feasibility, procurement, materials selection, estimating scheduling. Focusing on sustainability we believe in a fully collaborative approach including partners, stakeholders, clients and workforce which will minimize environmental impact and improve the living and working environments of our community.


With specialized licensed and certified engineers, designers and support staff, we offer expertise in essential disciplines, for every phase of construction. Engineering and design teams provide analysis, skill and oversight to our project managers with the goal of optimizing system design, mitigating potential risk, and adding value for our clients.

Design Build

Dynamic US Inc. specializes in the design build approach, allowing for advancement of design and keeping within schedule and budget. Our process consistently analyzes costs to determine the best solution and outcome. Our project managers oversee each project with leadership and guidance related to the design specifically, then execute on the design. This begins with the creation of project scope and contract agreements, through pre-construction, to project delivery.

Project managers in turn engage with our Professional Engineering staff who offer specialization and years of experience in their individual discipline. With a fully collaborative approach we encourage innovation based solutions, implementing the groups vision to meet the clients needs and exceed expectations with advanced design solutions.

General Construction

Dynamic US Inc.  began in 1987 in General Construction in the New York City market and has emerged as a leader in complex project delivery. We work collaboratively with our clients and exceptional labor force, using real time data and information to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Construction Management

Dynamic US Inc.’ construction management is job specific and professionally manages all aspects of the project scope, exceeding our clients expectations while they retain full financial control. We realize that each project is unique and requires precise delivery of our dedicated labor force and building materials. Our team works closely with our clients' vendors as if they were our own sub contractors to ensure a successful project, while taking complete responsibility for the project turnover.

Areas of Expertise

Building Engineering
LEED Certification

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering

Building Information Modeling Structural Engineering


  • - Cost Modeling
  • - Control Estimate
  • - Contingency Development


  • - Design and Constructability Review
  • - Document Control
  • - QA/QC Review
  • - Logistic and Phasing Development
  • - Scheduling and Sequencing development


  • - Bid Packaging
  • - Subcontractor Qualifications


  • - Risk analysis
  • - Project Specific Site Inspections


  • - Opportunity for Optimization
  • - Design Alternatives
  • - Life Cycle Cost
  • - Maintainability and Serviceability

Key Projects