University Hospital Emergency Systems Upgrade

Newark, New Jersey

Design-Build project to install a 5.2MW emergency generator at University Hospital a 519-bed medical facility staffed with 525 professionals. The original emergency generation system only served the hospital’s life safety systems. The new emergency generator fully interfaces with the Hospital’s system and provides emergency back-up power to the entire Hospital.

Dynamic US Inc. installed diesel generators with paralleling switchgear within rooftop enclosures. Each generator is equipped with a hospital-grade engine exhaust silencer and a double-walled insulated UL listed exhaust pipe and stack. The generators are fueled from two new 20,000-gallon tanks located at grade level, piped with double wall containment pipe, equipped with leak detection, and an accessible fuel filling station with a spill prevention and containment. Dynamic US Inc.’ work included site work, foundations, underpinning, structural work, finishes, exterior skin, roof construction, and exterior pathway lighting.· Construction Cost: $20 Million· Start Date: March 2018· Completion Date: June 2020· Owner: University Hospital

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